About the Creatrix blog


N.1. Creatress. A female who brings forth or produces; who creates a female founder, female artist, authoress


About the Creatrix Blog

Twice a month, I will write about the creative process, going inside the world of an artist’s mind, heart and spirit. I will talk about what, why and where they create and what it takes to create, make, design, and sell their art. I will explore how one deals with the inner critic in and out of the studio. Once a month, I will take you inside my studio and my creative process with whichever medium I am working. Then, the next post will feature an artist or gallery of the month and I will ask questions that uncover their world and show what makes their life creative and successful. My wish, dream and intention is to help unfold your mind, open your heart and ignite your spirit to create more in your life or to see the world more creatively. I want to share the many paths to the creative process, to understand the value of original art and living your life creatively every single day so that you will spark your own creative genius!


Some guidelines to my blog

All posts are written by Sonja Picard, unless otherwise stated. I would LOVE for you to share and repost from my blog BUT… Please, pretty please follow these guidelines:

*share with a link back to the Creatrix.

* All artwork, images, etc… are used with permission and are the property of myself or the artists I interview so please also mention and link the guest artist work.

*please make comments on posts that are constructive, inquisitive, encouraging, intelligent and thoughtful!


About me the Creatrix

A little info about me ‘ the Creatrix’, as of 2015. I am celebrating 25 years as a professional artist having wholeheartedly made a living as an artist full time, using my creativity, my two hands and having had the help of many talented technicians who have worked with me. I have played, pulled, poured, fired, blow torched, sculpted, painted, poked, prodded, caressed and sweated to the point of feeling brilliant and ecstastic; I have also felt at times completely useless and truly questioned my right to even call myself an artist. I have felt such despair and have been ready to burn down my studio, having thrown my hands up in the air and vowed never to create again only to find myself the next day falling to my knees in tears and apologizing to my beloved medium and asking for forgiveness, standing up, pulling up my big girl pants and starting all over again… and again… and again! Well, you get the idea – it’s a marriage, a passionate love affair and it changes and you change within it; it’s a humbling experience into which you invest every morsel of your soul. I have had the great privilege of being somewhat of a crazy multi disciplinary artist. The first ten years, I worked with clay, exploring studio ceramics, then fine art sculptures and architecture ceramics, and I produced a successful line of giftware for a leading renowned company. Then there was glass casting in sand and in my kiln. Then along came jewellery which has offered me the joy of creating an extensive jewellery line, a silver collection, couture collection with diamonds, (creations worn on the Oscars red carpet), bridal commitment rings and my beautiful service called Recycle your love. I also currently paint, and I love unfolding ideas and emotions on canvas that blend into my other mediums. I have owned a gallery and a retail store, have been represented by international galleries, sold on line, in person, pop up events, worked with architects and designers, created in a studio away from home and had a studio at home. I’m now adding art blogging and teaching to my list.

So many experiences and so many more still to have, so little time to create all that I have in my mind in this lifetime. That’s me, multi-disciplinary transformative me!

Creating art is one of the greatest vehicles to discovering the depth of your soul and its journey” – Sonja Picard

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