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Dearest Creatives,


Come on in and listen to this interview with my friend, renowned artist and sculptor, Michael Abraham. I met Michael 8 or 9 years ago when I had a funky studio where I lived in Ladner B.C. Michael came in one day to introduce himself as a local artist and we had a great conversation about all things great in life and art. We became good friends and, a few years later, I rented a studio space from Michael in downtown Vancouver.

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Along with 5 other artists, I loved creating in this large studio space because the energy was electric with all the buzz of creative activity each day. Personally, I’m fascinated with the work spaces of artists and how they create, maintain, and setup their space (check out my Pinterest board and you’ll see what I mean). An artist’s studio tells so much about the artist as well as their creativity (more on this topic in a later blog post). Michael’s studio has always been meticulously clean and orderly, the brushes are so clean they look brand new!

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His paintings are not only technically demanding, but the subject matter evokes thought provoking questions from the viewer as to what is going on in the mind of the artist. Michaels’s work always makes me smile, I love his humour and the way his clever political thoughts transfer into his work, a skill I greatly admire. Oh, did I mention that I’m amazed at how clean his studio is……that makes me smile too – seriously, the top three cleanest studios I have ever laid eyes on!





Michael Abraham 3

Michael is a funny, easygoing person. However, if you get him going on a hot topic, he can become so wound up it’s as though he has just chugged a whole pot of super strong coffee. He can even seem to morph into one of his animated characters in his paintings, really intriguing!



Here is the recording of my interview with Michael that we did in February. Follow and connect with Michael through his site and if you wish to learn oil painting and you live locally – lucky you!

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