The Sonja Picard Collection is inspired by the Yogic philosophy and its traditions of adornment – to create unique contemporary pieces that are both beautiful to wear, as well as being reminders for the wearer of both inner and outer divinity. Officially launched in 2000, it has since become the largest comprehensive jewelry line dedicated to the ancient knowledge of yoga.  With over 400 pieces within the collection, the jewelry line expands into various series including : The Studio line, Couture, Bridal, Commitment rings and her renowned service called Recycle Your Love.

In 1996, Sonja began a study of yogic philosophy under her Guru, Kavindra Rishi (Jeffrey Armstrong) who initiated her into mantras and this deep philosophy. Sonja was so inspired by its culture of adornment and the power of mantras, she began to design and create a jewelry line that would honor and celebrate this ancient knowledge.  She transmitted this knowledge into the jewelry to invoke meaning and intention.

“My artistic vision is a melding of two seemingly contradictory concepts: the art of adornment, and the sacred…  As an artist and Yogini, I am keenly aware that we are here for a divine purpose and I wanted to express that with my jewelry.” 

SPC is aligned with the tantric concept of Shringar or “complete decoration.” Shringar pertains to the romantic essence and ritual practice of decorating the feminine form or image of a deity, with jewelry or flowers to reveal a woman’s ideal beauty and mystery. In tantric traditions, a woman’s ornaments are meant to symbolize her personal cosmology and evolutionary direction. The tantric yogini signals her special qualities through adornment, and thus connects with an idealized version of herself.

Sonja hand-carves each original piece in wax, invoking the human spirit and offering a sculptural organic quality to her jewelry. Her line carries a unique signature esthetic that makes it instantly recognizable.  You can explore the different jewelry lines offered here.

Following a trip to India in 2010, Sonja’s next inspiration and expansion of artistic expression was found in portraying divine images, auspicious symbols and mantras embedded into paintings with acrylic and mix media.

 “Painting for me is another opportunity to have a powerful symbol or mantra resonate into your home / work environment. I like to think of these paintings as jewelry for your home. The idea complies with Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra principles of enhancing ones environment to a higher life energy.

Sonja’s contemporary abstracts and figurative work with bold colors are created for the home; celebrating family or an individual’s intentions or work environment, to attract and support ones endeavor. You can see her paintings here.

Company Values

 “Thoughtful consumption and how we leave the Earth and its resources for future souls, is a mindful yogic principle of karmic consciousness – and this translates as ahimsa.”

Ahimsa is the ancient yogic view that all life is sacred.  Therefore, no animal products are used in SPC.  In addition, Sonja offers conflict-free Canadian diamonds, known to be acquired through high-standard mining practices sensitive to the environment. Careful attention is also applied to a concerted effort to reduce SPC’s carbon imprint.

Sonja’s intention is to work with local suppliers and artisans, thus buying within the local economy and creating lasting relationships within the community. This mandate supports Sonja’s vision to maintain the highest quality and excellence in each and every piece that bears her name.

The Sonja Picard Collection can be found in stores and galleries throughout North America and Europe and is also now offered online and is shippable world-wide. We welcome your inquiries and will be happy to provide you with further details.

Sonja’s award winning designs have been featured in numerous fashion and yoga magazines, and has been worn by celebrities, including ABC correspondent Carla Wohl, who wore pieces from Sonja’s Couture Line at the 2008 and 2009 Oscars. Her work can be found in various stores and galleries in North America and internationally

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