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Sculptural & Organic Design

Canadian jewelry designer Sonja Picard has been a professional artist since 1990. Throughout her career, she has created with the vision and intention of conveying meaningful messages which hold symbolic significance.

Her jewelry style is sculptural-organic offering a soft and sensual feel, and her bold shapes offer the collector distinctive and timeless pieces.

In 2000 Sonja began to create her jewelry line; The Sonja Picard Collection (SPC). Each piece is inscribed with a mantra (sacred sound vibration), symbol or word and is in alignment with ancient Yogic philosophy.


Sonja Picard – Jewelry Designer

Sonja hand carves each of her originals in wax, and in doing so, invokes the human spirit and offers an organic texture and feeling of antiquity.


“The intention of my jewelry is to inspire individuals to adorn themselves with a symbol or word that is aligned with their personal purpose, supporting their life path and pursuits.”

— Sonja Picard, Artist and Designer

Her work is infused with the rich Indian tradition of adornment and is in balance with the tantric concept of Shringar or “complete decoration.” Shringar pertains to the romantic essence and ritual practice of decorating the feminine form or image of a deity with jewelry or flowers to reveal a woman’s ideal beauty and mystery. In tantric traditions, a woman’s ornaments are meant to symbolize her personal cosmology, ideas and evolutionary direction.

SPC houses over 400 pieces within three distinct lines: The Silver Collection – 100% sterling silver jewelry; Couture – 14K gold in various colors, with exquisite gemstones and diamonds; and Bridal.

Sonja’s award winning Bridal line uses inscriptions of poetic mantras paired with stunning Canadian diamonds to offer a unique form of expression to honor a couple’s commitment & love.

“My creations embody sacred poetic messages, a piece that feels sensual and soft on one’s body from its weight and organic quality. A piece that would spark and ignite one’s own inquisition of beauty and the celebration of the soul’s journey and purpose.”

“I create jewelry that is more than simply a fashion statement. I feel strongly that what we wear should also touch, inspire and empower us”.

Intention Wrist Wraps

giving voice to our future

The wrap should be tied on with 3 knots and the wearer can set an intention or affirmation with each knot.


“The act of adorning yourself with a symbol offers a reminder or a positive affirmation for your day to help shift oneself to a higher sense of purpose or consciousness.”

Intention Collection

These are a range of bracelets made with a silver symbol attached to a silk ribbon that can be tied around the wrist. Each symbol has spiritual meaning and intention.

The wearing of the wrap will act as a daily reminder of these intentions. Affirmations are created to inspire our life’s dreams and visions.

When we adorn ourselves with a piece that gives voice to our future, it becomes a witness, a daily reminder to empower ourselves each day towards our greatest vision of ourselves to unfold our potential.

This collection is also available in 14k gold.


unique one of a kind creations

Sonja’s creations are luxurious and textural pieces that convey the ancient in a modern timeless and inspirational piece.


“By chanting, viewing or wearing a sacred mantra, word or a symbol this act is a form of meditation or serves as a positive affirmation, that can lift us to a higher sense of consciousness.”

Couture Collection

The Couture range is created in 14 carat yellow, rose, white and green gold.

Sonja hand selects top quality gem stones and conflict free diamonds, offering unique one of a kind and custom created pieces.

These pieces are coveted by her collectors.

In Yogic philosophy, many symbols have spiritual significance. Sonja Picard has incorporated many of these symbols into her designs to bring beauty as well as meaning and intention to her jewelry.


award winning designs

Sonja’s award winning Bridal line uses inscriptions of poetic mantras paired with stunning Canadian diamonds to offer a unique form of expression to honor a couple’s commitment and love.


“It truly is an honor for me as designer to create commitment rings for a couple that they will cherish and wear forever. I find such joy and inspiration to create a story with words and symbols that is their own special language to each other.”

Bridal Collection

Sonja’s visionary and award winning bridal designs are inscribed with Sanskrit mantras (divine sound vibrations), symbols and words created to create a unique symbol of a couple’s commitment and future journey together.

Sonja uses Canadian diamonds known to be environmentally sensitive and conflict-free.

These exquisite Canadian diamonds are praised within the world’s diamond market for their exceptional quality and brilliance.

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