Frequently Asked Questions


Is the jewelry Canadian made ?

All pieces are cast with Canadian silver or gold and assembled in the SPC studio. All pieces are 100% Canadian made, with the exception of the chains.

What materials are used in the Collections?

The silver is 100% sterling silver 0.925. Most pieces are slightly oxidised to make the engraving and designs stand out. All yellow, rose and white gold is 14kt and is solid gold. We also occasionally work in bronze.

Where do you source gem stones?

Our gems and stones are sourced from a number of places; USA, Canada, India…. We do our best to ask the right questions and ensure they are all sourced from ethically mined sources.

How much does a recycle your love service cost?

Sonja is not able to offer a quote without a consultation. Meeting you and viewing your pieces are essential to the process. Sonja will work with you in discussing what you wish to have created, how many stones you have or may want to use, what condition they are in and the gold you have to contribute to match your vision of your creation.  Click here for further information on the program and to view images. If you are interested in meeting with Sonja, please email her at Sonja will then contact you to make an appointment for the consultation, or if required, she is also able to this via Skype for out of town consultations.

Do you sell Individual Chains?

We are able to sell individual snake chains. These are available under necklaces at varying lengths; 16”, 18”, 20” as well as longer lengths 32”, 34” and 36”.

I lost one earring, can I replace it?

We are sad to think of one lone lost earring in a drawer. We will happily replace it for you at half the price of a pair (plus shipping if applicable). Please send it to us so we can match it and polish up your old one to match your new one. Please send us an email at and we will contact you to confirm and for credit card payment. It will take 2 to 4 weeks for you to receive.

Is all of the collection available online? What if I can’t find a piece I bought online?

The current collection is all online. But, ranges are updated each season, which means that new products are introduced, whilst other styles might come off the website. If you have a picture of an SPC piece you have seen, or can describe, but can’t find on the website, we are still happy to make it for you. Sonja can also produce customized versions of jewelry you can view online. These may cost extra. Please contact us for enquiries.

Can I get another silk for my wrist wrap?

Yes we will be happy to send you one free of charge – please send us an ‘PLEASE SEND ME A FREE SILK FOR MY WRIST WRAP’ and indicate which color with your mailing address

Do you sell gift certificates or E-Gift cards?

Yes. We offer digital gift certificates via email. They contain a unique code that can be used in the online store at checkout (but not in stores which stock SPC product). If you are sending the E-gift card/certificate as a gift, you will be given the opportunity to write a short message and personalize the gift certificate with their name, if you wish.


How do I order SPC jewelry?

You have a number of options for ordering jewelry. The website will guide you through placing an order online. If you wanted to call and place an order over the phone, we would be happy to take payment over the phone and create the order for you. Alternatively, we have a number of stockists that can also serve you in their store locations. If you have an interest in a custom piece of jewelry or in the recycle your love program, please contact us at or feel free to call.

Is the credit card information I submit secure?

All online payments go through either Paypal or Chasepayments. Both methods are secure, but if you would feel more comfortable to phone your order through, we can process your payment manually via the phone.

Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

Sales tax will be charged on orders based on the delivery address of the order. Therefore if a person in BC orders a piece to be shipped to Alberta, the order will be charged sales tax based on Alberta tax stipulations. All orders to be shipped outside of Canada will not be charged sales tax. Finally, only GST will be applied to Recycle Your Love orders, as these are classed as a jewelry repair.

Can I customize my jewelry order?

We are able to customize jewelry. We suggest that you call and we can discuss your requirements over the phone.

How long will my order take?

You order should be received within 2-3 weeks. Most jewelry is made to order and is not mass produced and involves a lot of hand finishing. This is what makes your piece special. If the order is required for a specific date, please try to indicate in the comments field of the order, and we will do our best to get it to you in time. You can always ring to check in case we can do it faster. Any custom pieces designed from scratch or Recycle Your Love will take 3-4 weeks due to the complexity involved.

How can I check the status of my order?

When you place an order, you will receive a confirmation of the order via email. Please feel free to call on 1-604-566-9330 or email our customer service department to check on the status of an internet order. For any custom orders, contact Sonja directly

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel you order as long as the item ordered is not a custom piece or something we had sourced specifically for you i.e. a stone or gem. If you need to cancel, please call us at 604-566-9330 or email our customer service department. If the item had already been shipped, you would still be charged for shipping, but you can follow the returns policy to receive payment return.

Returns Policy

Exchanges and Returns

If you wish to return or exchange, please contact us at We will gladly process an exchange or refund the full amount paid (less shipping charges) within 30 days of purchase. Jewelry must be returned in original condition and unworn. Please package the jewelry in its original bag and card with extra padding in order to prevent damage during shipping. SPC is not responsible for items lost in transit. For returns, once received, we will contact you to process the payment return. If you wish to exchange the item, please fill out the same form so we know why you are returning the item. Again, once we receive the return we will call you to confirm and then process this payment returns or additional payment needed. This must be completed before we ship out any exchange product.


If you receive your order and the item is faulty, please feel free to return your pieces and we will send you a replacement once received. In addition, if an item needs repair at a later stage, then we would be happy for you to send in your piece – upon receiving it, we will inform you we have received it. Within one week we will inform you of the repair cost and approximate time for repair. An accurate estimate can only be given once we physically receive the piece at our studio. Please contact us 604-566-9330 with any questions you might have.

Re-stringing of energy wrist malas; if the mala has broken after 8 months we charge $ 20.00 to re-string plus shipping.  Under 8 months, we only charge shipping and re-string for free.  Please contact us directly for this service.

Caring for your Jewelry

How to clean and take care of your SPC jewelry

There are several ways to clean your SPC pieces. We love polishing cloths, also known as rouge cloths. These are the safest way we have found to clean your SPC pieces. They clean chains well and they last a very long time, even when they are all black. Another way to clean is to make a paste with baking soda and water and use an old tooth brush to scrub your pieces, then rinse well. We don’t recommend chemical cleaners/ dip solutions as they can remove the blackening of details that have been created to give your piece that beautiful ancient look.

Why does my SPC jewelry tarnish?

SPC uses sterling silver which naturally tarnishes over time. The tarnish is silver sulphide, caused when silver naturally reacts with sulphur in the air. SPC jewelry may also tarnish quicker than other jewelry as a lot of jewelry on the market uses a chemical coating to prevent tarnishing. We feel our bodies are subjected to lots of environmental chemicals, so we avoid this process, allowing only sterling silver to touch your skin.  If you wear it every day and never take it off, it will not tarnish much. If you place it in a dish exposed to air it will tarnish. It also tarnishes very quickly if hung on a metal display hanger, because the contact with another metal other than silver will speed up the tarnish process. Also note, that if your pieces are exposed to salt water, lotions, body oils, cosmetics, perfumes, or contact solutions, this may cause discoloration or may effect tarnishing. The best way to prevent tarnishing is to place your SPC pieces in the small zip lock bag you receive it in.

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