I Am Love Wrist Wrap – Aham Prema


I Am Love Wrist Wrap – Aham Prema



Aham Prema-Embrace this mantra as a reminder to embody Love in every action of your day.

Wrap your intention on your wrist to remind yourself daily to embrace your affirmations and goals – which will inspire and transform your life !

How to Activate your Intention Wrist Wrap

Think of your three intentions. Wrap your silk (loosely) around your wrist twice (leave a finger’s width of space). Have a friend help you tie 3 knots. Each time a knot is made, be mindful of each intention. Cut the ends of excess silk off and allow the silk to wear until the end of it’s journey, which will be 6-8 months. Offer gratitude upon completion. You can then wear it on your own silver chain or on the SPC Intention Mantra Bracelets and Necklaces.

Wrap is available with your choice of silk wrap colour; black, light grey, red, magenta, eggplant (maroon) or cobalt blue.

Price: $45.00

Price excludes applicable taxes and shipping.

Additional information

Silk Wrist Wrap Colour

Light Grey, Activist Wrsit Wrap Colours, Aqua Blue, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Black, Dark Grey, Red, Magenta, Eggplant, Cobalt Blue


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