Intention Bracelet – I am Love – Aham Prema


Intention Bracelet – I am Love – Aham Prema


Aham Prema:

Embrace this mantra as a reminder to embody love in every action of your day.

Available in 1 length (adjustable)

How to Use Your Intention Bracelet;

Your intention wrist wrap charm has been on a journey. It has been part of your hopes, dreams and desires… a piece that has reminded you of your potential everyday. Now it’s part of you !
Here is an opportunity to realign and invest this time to witness your journey and breathe life back into your intentions with a new direction and focus.
Add it mindfully to your beautiful Intention Bracelet that is inscribed with a mantra. Collect and add on charms from the Intention Wrist Wrap Collection; change them as your intentions and goals change.

Basic bracelet purchase does not include the charms. These must be purchased separately.


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