Mala Workshop for Saturday April 13th, 2019 11am-4pm


Mala Workshop for Saturday April 13th, 2019 11am-4pm


Canadian Jewelry Designer and Artist Sonja Picard will teach you how to make a sacred 108 gemstone bead ‘Mala’ on silk and take you on a journey of the ancient world of adornment and its rituals. A mala is an intentional meditation tool, made from 108 beads, a sacred number in reference to many spiritual disciplines. It is said that after chanting a mantra (mind tool) or repeating an affirmation 108 times we are cellularly lifted to a higher vibration of consciousness and peace. The state of meditative concentration in which mind and body are in unity alone with a mantra or affirmation will elevate its power to the universe.


This 5 hour workshop will begin with gentle movement, breathing techniques and a guided meditation to connect to your three words of intentions for your mala. You will learn how to make your mala with knotting your silk between each bead while holding a mindful focus to ‘invoke’ your intentions into your mala. Upon completion Sonja will guide you on how to activate your mala and begin to properly use your mala as a meditation tool. Sonja will also share how to store and cleanse your mala and the ancient principles of adorning yourself with purpose and intention.

Please bring:

  • Water
  • Comfortable clothes to move in
  • Eye glasses if needed

Our focus for this mala workshop is toward Buddha the Symbol of Peace and using the gemstone Amazonite. This stone has calming and soothing properties and is also known for hope, courage and truth. Amazonite is a powerful stone used for manifestation.

Please come at 10:45am sharp class will begin at 11:00am
There will be a break for nourishing snacks please eat a good breakfast before coming.
11 am to 4pm

238 Fell Avenue, North Van BC V7T-1A0

$295.00 per person



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