Manifest Your Best Year Mala Workshop in 2020 SOLD OUT!!!!!!


Manifest Your Best Year Mala Workshop in 2020 SOLD OUT!!!!!!


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January 26th, Sunday 10 am to 5 pm – Location in North Vancouver (details to follow upon registration)

Celebrate the life we have lived and actualize the life unlived within us to step towards our full potential. Learn how to make your own intention infused 108 bead special mala, create your own powerful daily ritual and write the most powerful affirmations to manifest your “best” year in 2020!

Award winning Jewelry designer Sonja Picard has 20 years of experience in making sacred adornment. This is a full one day intensive workshop designed to unfold your best future self. Sonja will teach you how to make your own sacred 108 gemstone bead ‘Mala’ on silk and take you on a journey of the ancient world of adornment and its rituals. A mala is an intentional meditation tool, made from 108 beads, a sacred number in reference to many spiritual disciplines. It is said that after chanting a mantra (mind tool) or repeating an affirmation 108 times we are cellularly lifted to a higher vibration of consciousness and peace. The state of meditative concentration in which mind and body are in unity, alone with a mantra or affirmation will elevate its power to the universe.

You will learn how to make your mala with knotting silk between each bead while holding a mindful focus to ‘invoke’ your intentions into your mala. Upon completion, Sonja will guide you on how to activate your mala and begin to properly use your mala as a meditation tool. Sonja will also share how to store and cleanse your mala and the ancient principles of adorning yourself with purpose and intention.

Learn the power of rituals and affirmations and change your habits to manifest your best year. Rituals are an action that can help train the mind and suspend ourselves for a moment for self care and create focus on our dreams to actualize our best self. Creating a compounding habit that builds upon itself to create profound change.

Creating the most powerful affirmations. Setting intentions and creating affirmations is a powerful tool to use and add to your daily rituals. Learn how to create the ‘perfect language’ in which to speak and attract your dreams. We will write your affirmations and learn how they can impact and elevate your life, shift your ‘mindtalk’ and bring you to a higher vibration.

What you will receive……

-Learn to create your own daily ritual that will support your year.

-Understand the deep power of self talk and how to shift it to create powerful transformations. You will be creating 12 empowering affirmations for 2020.

-108 citrine bead mala with crescent moon and star.

-Crystal meditation stone.

-Small journal.

-A special wrist wrap to commemorate your workshop and promise to yourself.

-A special FB page for a group 30 day challenge.

Your investment is only $395.00 plus tax (no discounts applied here)

North Vancouver location ( given a week before date)

***We provide 2 delicious snacks and special treats

Please bring:

-Water and lunch and wear comfortable clothing.

-Eye glasses if needed.


“Sonja is not only beautiful, she is smart,intuitive, gifted and connected. She is in her element in teaching sacred adornment and spirituality in a mala class. I felt nourished (great treats) and I made a beautiful intention infused mala necklace and connected with other women and myself. I would recommend this class to anyone.– Marlyna Los

“I would highly recommend for your journey of self-care and daily practice or adornment and meditation that you include a workshop with Sonja Picard. The journey that Sonja takes you is a unique group setting can take you deeper into your daily rituals and self connection practice.– Tantrina



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