Nagakanya Rings

Nagakanya Rings

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A Nagakanya is a mythical creature known to be a protector of earthen treasures.

The large stone illuminates a small diamond in the shank of the ring. This ring was created to inspire dreams and symbolize the beauty created within Earth. We hold the earth’s beauty within our own hands, and if we are consciously aware of its treasures, it can provide vision to us and illuminate the potential for unlimited beauty.

The stones used within these rings demonstrate the exquisiteness of some of the earth’s treasures.

Price: $3,250.00 in sterling silver
Price excludes applicable taxes and shipping.

Available in 14k yellow gold or sterling silver, with 2×1.5mm and 1x2mm diamond and your choice of a 30ct blue topaz, pink quartz or citrine. Please call us to inquire about prices in gold.

These rings are inscribed with one of the following names:
Krishna – Eternal lover of our soul.
Lakshmi – Goddess of opulence, wealth and beauty.
Ganesh – Remover of obstacles and bestower of success.


Please call us or email to discuss requirements if you would like to order.



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