Recycle Your Love™

“Jewelry is always given in love. I feel we then become custodians of these gems, which carry a story of our life’s path and our rites of passage, or memories and connection to those who loved us and bequeathed their gems to us.” – Picard

Recycle Your Love™ is inspired by years of listening to women share their stories about jewels they acquired from loves long past, tokens passed down from loved ones, or pieces purchased long ago – all hidden in a drawer or a safe, unworn, unseen, uncelebrated!

Recycle Your Love™ is Adornment Alchemy, a bespoke service by designer Sonja Picard that will reignite and celebrate your jewels of love by creatively redesigning them into a unique and contemporary design specifically for you. This is more than recreating a beautiful piece, this is a deep inquiry into your life and your future self. Sonja will skillfully take you on a journey and through a meaningful process to arrive at distilling the right symbology for your Recycle Your Love  Your intentions, dreams and desires will be invoked in symbols or words to live by into a design that is hand created and sculpted for you. The alchemy of fire melts your gold into the final creation of your piece, stones are masterfully set and finished offering the highest quality for your final jewelry piece. Recycle Your Love  is one of the most powerful and personal pieces of jewelry that you can own, that vibrates your life history and your personal symbolic story that expresses your future desires to honor your life

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