Recycle Your Love™

Recycle Your Love™ will be the most powerful piece of jewelry you will ever own, a unique celebration only for you.

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What is Recycle Your Love™ ?

Sonja Picard’s Recycle Your Love™ was inspired from listening to her clients who shared their stories about their jewelry they acquired from loves long past,  passed down heirlooms, or pieces purchased long ago – all of which did not reflect their current style or taste… usually remaining hidden away in a drawer, unworn and unloved! Recycle Your Love was Sonja’s solution to combine her passion of creating a meaningful piece for her client that offers an opportunity to shift energy and celebrate their life with love and gratitude! 

Sonja is renown for her exclusive and sought after service called Recycle Your Love™ . There are many inspirations and intentions to recreate your piece.

  •  a memorial piece to honour your family and its history
  •  transforming a wedding ring from a relationship that has ended
  • recreating your current wedding ring to reflect your current tastes and celebrating the amazing years you have shared and yet to share.
  •  to create bridal or commitment rings with some jewelry/gold offered from your parents or grandparents.

Sonja also likes to encourage to mix new gold as a symbolic gesture of creating ‘your abundance together,’ melting it to create an alchemy of blessings into two rings that will be a love story you both can wear.

“All of these pieces carry moments of time when you were loved, energetically locked into a small object and that energy is still there. I deeply believe we are the custodians of these precious pieces and we should honour them in this opportunity for transformation.” – Sonja

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The Creation

Whether you are near or far Recycle Your Love is created by having a one on one consultation. We will sit down and discuss all the pieces you have, where they come from, how your received them and review the history of your jewelry’s journey. Then we discuss what you want to wear, how it would feel, what kind of jewelry you like to wear that compliments your lifestyle. How many stones we will set the type of setting and what words, affirmations or mantras resonate and support your future aspirations.

You will leave your jewelry with me as I will quietly evaluate our discussion and offer you a quote within 24 to 48 hours. Upon agreement we will need 50% deposit to proceed with your creation. It takes 3 to 6 weeks for completion of your Recycle Your Love.

Your  unworn gems will be transformed and express your intentions, your life, your ancestry and history.. Its energetic quality honored as ‘your’ life’s journey that is only unique to you and yours forever.

The more we remember we are loved, the more we cultivate love. That is the power of Recycle Your Love!

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For those afar I require you to send me an email for Recycle your love along with photographs of your jewelry to be transformed. Place a ruler or a quarter beside your jewelry. Send them to me via email, then connect with my Skype contact Sonja.picard1. You will hear from me with times and appointments available Pacific Time. We will meet via Skype in my studio and we chat about your ideas and I will show you examples and find the right creation for your pieces. I will then offer you an estimate within 24 to 48 hours.

Once agreed upon we will send you an agreement to sign with instructions we require for shipping to be followed within days of the agreement. Upon receiving your package the quote is verified and a 50% deposit is required once my team examines the pieces and weighs the gold.

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Memorial Pieces

Sonja also offers a  Memorial jewelry service in collaboration with a company called Remembrance Diamonds. Remembrance Diamonds offer a unique service creating beautiful memorial diamonds from the cremated remains of your loved one. This is a very personal symbol created in commemoration of your beloved. Sonja understands that this is a very personal symbol of love. She works closely with you, absorbing your personal story and the life you shared with your loved one, allowing her to connect to the process of creating a treasured piece that is personal and symbolic, only to you. We also offer the service of using gold from your loved one and creatively redesigning it into a new piece.

For a personal consultation or more information on this service, please call: 604-566-9330 or contact Sonja via email.


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