Symbols that create your own language! – by Sonja Picard

I love symbology – I am a blingologist symbologist! That’s right! I love symbols so much that pretty much my entire career as an artist has been wrapped around learning everything I can about it. I have studied symbols for over 25 years from every culture, from all four corners of this planet. Almost all my art creations and jewelry is marked with a symbolic reference.

I am so passionate about it because I feel that there is an energetic quality within every symbol. From sacred geometry to a simple mark of one line, it all has an energetic consciousness. When I began my studies of the ancient culture of India, its symbols and the power of mantras became my focus. All ancient cultures understood its power – today we are overloaded with new symbols and icons, many which hold no conscious energy.

Lotus RingAll of my jewelry is hand carved; every piece I create is inscribed with a mantra or symbol, invoked with its intention and message. I bring life to each piece with my human hands. Now, 15 years later, I have created over 400 pieces of jewelry and counting. I am so passionate about waking in the morning and deciding what I am walking towards today – and then seeing how I can create a language that reminds me of every step I take to meet that path in front of me. It’s an opportunity to adorn my body to remind myself of my future potential.

elizabeth pictureI also use this process for painting – the vibration of a symbol can transform and raise the level of consciousness of your space. I love receiving commissions from my clients to create something that speaks to them and to their family – the shift within a room of a powerful ‘original’ painting is immeasurable. Stand beside a reproduction versus an original – it just feels different. The artist expressed something from heart to hand – you can not ‘reproduce’ or print that. I feel that the same is true for machine made jewelry – the energy is lower.

Intention Bracelet Om Shanti 2Last year I rebranded the Intention wrist wraps so that EVERYONE from all ages could wear a small symbolic piece to remind themselves of their dreams. We all have a dream; I have never met anyone who doesn’t have a dream, a goal or an intention. Something that reminds us of those future dreams becomes a personal language, something only you know. These symbols become embedded in your subconscious and remind you to move your life in a direction. I believe symbols can empower your life!




Only you can choose what you want to place in front of you, you can choose what will motivate you. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a painting, a picture or a simple card, take some time to create a language that supports your life path and dreams – create the language that is your personal road map that leads you towards your destination and intention.

“adorning your home or body with a symbol will raise the consciousness of your life” – Sonja Picard

Blessings Sonja

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