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Hi Creatives,

Recently I had the pleasure of giving a workshop with famed author and artist Ekabhumi Charles Ellik – who created The Shakti Coloring Book. (Click here to buy one) This book is not only great to color, but is filled with information on the Goddess Realm. We offered a jam-packed, one day workshop called ‘Creativity and The Shakti Coloring Book’.

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One of the key points we shared was that in order to have more creativity in our life, we have to BE MORE CREATIVE EVERYDAY!! Ok, that may seem obvious, but it’s harder than you think. Setting aside time because you deeply believe in its benefits and the transformative power of CREATIVITY can be a challenge. Time management and commitment is key…

So how do we carve out time in our already busy lives and think coloring a coloring book or making something with our hands is going to change our world? One way is just making a commitment for a time period and then deciding at the end of this committed period to evaluate if your life has changed for the positive.

This idea came up when Eka was staying with my husband and I in our home and we enjoyed many interesting late night conversations. Eka spoke about certain practices he invoked in his life and we asked him how he introduced this discipline into his life. Eka shared that even though he was sometimes a skeptic about a subject, but had read about it’s benefits, he would create a challenge for himself and make a commitment to an allotted time period ( e.g. one year ) of dedicated study or practice to test the theory and  to see if he benefitted from the knowledge and or practice in his life. If he did, it became a part of his life. Both my husband and I were impressed with the idea. It’s such a cool concept –to just set aside your skeptic mind and go on a journey for a committed time and experience something different.  At first, it may at first seem foreign, but to trust in the process of dedication and experience and then witness your life change … or not. Brilliant!!!.

The same idea and practice can be applied to being more creative.

So I hope to spark a challenge for you, or offer you a consideration to create more time for what you believe in and give yourself a block of time to create an experiment. To add more fuel to the thought, here are just 5 of many the benefits that being more creative can offer you, your life and perhaps those around you.

5 benefits of creativity in your life:

  1. You think outside the box and can solve problems better
  2. You can reduce stress as you are immersed in the ‘joy’ of creating or making something awesome
  3. You self-evolve…I have said this before in a previous blog. The making and sharing of creativity is one of the greatest vehicles to self-evolution (beats therapy)
  4. You create more beauty and joy on the planet
  5. You have unlimited self-expression – giving voice to YOU

Make a commitment / carve some time / let go of energy sucking people / cut your social media time by 50% / get up 30 minutes earlier / cut out T.V. by 50% / say yes to one night a week to nurture your soul and create/ make a space that you can create in. See what happens – share your commitment with The Creatrix – enjoy the beauty – enjoy the journey!

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One thought on “Take the Leap of Time – by Sonja Picard

  1. This winter, upon returning home to the East Kootenay from one of my now very regular visits to love and take care of my younger sister in palliative care at home in White Rock, I decided to damn the torpedos and make a commitment to getting myself weekly to my West Coast Swing dance class, one of my passions, which meant a 1.5 hour each way drive on dark, winter roads with deer and elk and ice and snow!
    I struggled mentally with the cost of giving myself this “treat”, to my time and energy away from my work (self employed), actual cost burning gas to get there, and so on…, there has been a strong part of my work ethic that will not allow myself to feel “deserving” of doing something I LOVE and feeding my soul…, funny, eh?!?
    I am so glad that I have allowed myself this gift. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share.

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