Talking About Your Creativity to Others – by Sonja Picard

I love this saying and it is one of my personal favorites “When a 1000 people look at the moon, there is a thousand moons…”  Same goes for art!

Go to an art opening and ‘listen’ to what people say about art and you will hear so many ideas, visions, emotions and reactions. This blog is my personal take about what to share when you talk about your artwork.

I like to think of sharing information to a potential collector a bit like a strip tease, but leaving a little something on for the imagination. I once overheard an artist at an art opening speaking to a ‘potential’ client about what inspired the piece. She shared (in my opinion) way too much personal information and talked about how this piece was her breakup painting and expressed her anger and transformation around her last relationship – yuk! Not really a great selling feature. I personally feel that that kind of information is nobody else’s business.

I like to talk about the process of how I created a piece, or if there is any symbolic meaning to the piece and keep it toned down. I like to create a portal for the viewer, an opportunity for someone to be taken away for a moment to dream and allow them their own personal experience with what they feel.

This obviously does not apply to a big body of work, or an exhibit that carries strong messages of world events, political or major personal views. Art exhibits are amazing opportunities to express your voice and view of the world. These can be bold messages that spark big emotions which are powerful and should be celebrated.  They are brave and courageous expressions that come from deep within an artist.


Speaking about your work with confidence and authority is not an easy task for a lot of artists and some think they can just move that element off to a Gallery or Art Agent. When you stop to think about it – imagine giving someone something precious you created and say – “Here take this and say something about it and sell it for me”. Please refer to the first sentence of this blog about a thousand moons – who knows what someone will say about your creativity.  I have seen many artists unable to move past this point and have brilliant art work piled up in storage somewhere. They just can’t seem to get it together to market, share or speak about their work. The actual creation of a piece is a very personal process, even if the art ends up in the back of a closet.  It is ‘the creating’ and expressing yourself freely that is your voice and therapy.

“When a thousand people look at one painting, there is a thousand paintings!” – Sonja Picard

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