Welcome to my first post: ‘you create your reality’. I have never thought about this before; well actually 7 or 8 years ago it hit me like a lead brick, but before then, I was clueless about this fact. I would evaluate a body of work, be it a painting or several pieces of jewellery for my line, and realize it reflected what was going on in my life– I created my reality! After awhile you can become your own art therapist if you are honest with yourself. I also recommend not giving all of that a whole lot of thought as it can play with your head and then you are in your head, which then can distract you from the flow of your creative genius.

Recently, in March 2015, I let go of my gallery to become more creative, spend more time with my family and cultivate a healthy lifestyle – GENIUS!!! It was a very difficult decision to let a successful gallery go – I mean doesn’t every artist want this? How can I let go of this flow of abundance? Can’t I just be grateful, push thru and suck it up buttercup? But my heart knew better and change had to happen. One whole year of planning, preparing my mind, body and spirit has led me to today, this moment of now! I moved my studio home and I am now here when my step-daughters come home from school, I have time to hike and my creativity output has gone waaay up and I have freedom – GENIUS!!!

In the last few months, I felt an outpouring of creativity that I have not had in years. My most recent creations are: stack rings with words inscribed like peace + bliss, love + desire, wisdom + devotion, unlimited + lotus and the new intention wrist wrap collection and, most importantly (to me ), I have been creating a painting about Durga – one of the most powerful warrior Goddesses in India who is celebrated twice a year for 9 days during Navratri. I have taken my sweet time creating her; when I’m not painting her, I’m thinking about her constantly. I began drawing her during my final month at the gallery, then in March, I laid down the first strokes of paint, and now in July, I have finally finished her. Who is Durga? She is the Warrior Goddess and the mother Goddess- she represents power, liberation and protection; some suggest she is three Goddesses all rolled into one, Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom and the arts, Lakshmi the Goddess of grace, opulence and good fortune and Kali the Goddess of transformation. Durga is depicted with eight arms (sometimes ten) holding her omnipotent weapons. She has an upright hand – offers blessings, her club – truth, her sword – discrimination, spinning discus – illumination, conch shell – offering the sound of OM , trident – courage or the 3 Gunas (creation, preservation and destruction), bow and arrow – control over the energies within the universe, lotus –purity and detachment. (Please note I offer these simple definitions of Goddess Durga and each of her symbols which carry much more in depth meaning and discussion). She always smiles, even in battle, holding her composure while she destroys armies of demons. She rides a Tiger or a Lion each of which symbolize power. I always leave the face blank in the Technicolor series so that you may see yourself within these Goddesses. My 6 months of creating and meditating on her have helped me through a BIG change in my life – I am humbly grateful beyond words to share this painting with you and my interpretation and creation of her Divine image.

I like to take pictures at the end of each day or at a big moment of change on my painting – here is a small video of ‘Technicolor Durga’ from start to finish.

The more you think, control, analyze and criticize yourself during the creative process, the less heart is in your work” – Sonja Picard

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