Custom Malas

“ The jewelry you wear becomes the witness to your journey, your emotions, your adventures... Choose it well!  





Your affirmation starts with ‘I AM’, that is your voice and communication to the Universe. The symbols and words you choose to follow become your mission statement, the words you live by, your prayer, your words of inspiration that empower you towards your dreams. Each element is hand crafted and individually created specifically for each piece. The final creation is a soft, sensual yet omnipotent piece containing your secret language. 


Through a revealing consultation, Sonja will help you create your personal symbolic bracelet or necklace wrap that contains your own personal message that becomes your golden elixir of affirmations to connect to every day.


A bracelet contains 11 letters and or symbols with a charm of your choice.


A necklace / bracelet wrap contains 35 letters (21 inches) with a charm of your choice.


For more information or to set up a consultation, please contact Sonja at