About Sonja




“I believe it is our true nature to be attracted to beauty …it elevates our soul and physical well being by surrounding our home or adorning oneself with something beautiful and exquisite. Jewelry and art are more than decoration, they are an extension of our selves, a reflection of our personal evolution and cosmology.” – Sonja Picard”

Canadian award-winning Jewelry Designer Sonja Picard has been a professional full time artist since 1990. Called a ‘bling therapist” by many and a modern-day Alchemist from her renown bespoke services of Recycle your love and more exclusive service called The Cosmology Collection. Prescribing and making jewelry specifically for her clients as a ‘medicinal jeweled elixir” to promote and attract re-balancing of physical and emotional well being, career and relationship harmony. Her 30 years of comprehensive knowledge of mysticism and spiritual landscape has shaped her creativity by study and initiation of sacred mantras and study of Shamanism. Driven to give voice to the sacred, Sonja creates from the ancient Eastern tradition of ‘transmission’ where the making of the piece passes through the artist in heart connection while chanting sacred mantras in the creative process. A combination of meditation, mysticism and devotion that allows the artist to manifest the vision without connection to mind or ego all while holding its intention. Whether it is hand carving her jewelry or creating a painting this ‘ancient technology’ has always been a part of her creative process.

Sonja creates her jewelry by ‘slow design’, hand carving and sculpting most of her originals in wax, inscribing a word, symbol or mantra that creates a message, a secret language giving voice to our future that becomes our daily witness. Wearing Sonja’s pieces are like wearing a positive affirmation which becomes your personal meditation to walk towards the greatest vision of ourselves. Sonja inspires to invoke the human spirit alongside with the sacred in every piece she creates.

SPC is aligned with the tantric concept of Shringar or “complete decoration.” Shringar pertains to the romantic essence and ritual practice of decorating the feminine form or image of a deity, with jewelry or flowers to reveal a woman’s ideal beauty and mystery. In tantric traditions, a woman’s ornaments are meant to symbolize her personal cosmology and evolutionary direction. The tantric yogini signals her special qualities through adornment, and thus connects with an idealized version of herself.

Picard’s creations are recognized by their refined soft organic and sculptural quality offering a luxurious and sensual feeling while each piece conveys the ancient in a modern timeless piece.

Sonja is an international teacher, artist and jewelry designer. Her work can be found in some of the most exquisite spas internationally and boutique stores. Her clients are visionaries, celebrities and those who seek connection and expression of their heart.

Fine Art – Sonja creates contemporary abstracts with acrylic and mix media. Sonja’s clients commission her to create specific pieces for their home or work environment. A consultation is created to find the right symbology needed to enhance their intention and elevate the environment.

Company Values

 “Thoughtful consumption and how we leave the Earth and its resources for future souls, is a mindful yogic principle of karmic consciousness – and this translates as ahimsa.”

Ahimsa is the ancient yogic view that all life is sacred.  Therefore, no animal products are used in SPC.  In addition, Sonja offers conflict-free Canadian diamonds, known to be acquired through high-standard mining practices sensitive to the environment. Careful attention is also applied to a concerted effort to reduce SPC’s carbon imprint.

Sonja’s intention is to work with local suppliers and artisans, thus buying within the local economy and creating lasting relationships within the community. This mandate supports Sonja’s vision to maintain the highest quality and excellence in each and every piece that bears her name.