Sonja truly is a master alchemist. She was able to take some pieces of jewelry that used to incite upset and trauma and –  after working her magic – transform them into pieces that bring me only joy. The words and detailing remind me everyday of where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going. I am grateful for the beauty that travels with me always and now. I receive so many compliments and questions from admirers of my rings, I think I can keep Sonja busy for years to come 🙂 I highly recommend the Recycle Your Love journey, it is life changing.

~ Beth ~

The rings were happily, safely delivered. They are beautiful! Much more than I expected!  The stacks are simply lovely; the eternity is so beautiful with its random design.  I am trying to figure out which stone is from which piece of jewellery. And of course, the lotus diamond setting is absolutely stunning – just as you said!

Thanks so much for everything.

~ Debbie ~

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for your talent and Love for what you do. I can’t tell you enough how much I love my bracelet. Also it is such a special and fitting gift for my daughter. She is so taken by this piece. As i knew she would be.

~ Diane ~

My husband and I went on a journey to replace my lost wedding band. We had looked at several goldsmiths and had almost given up finding what we were looking for until we walked into Sonja’s store and knew immediately we were in a very special place. Sonja offers beautifully designed jewelry, striking paintings, unique glasswork  and a spiritual heart to people who cross her threshold. She listened to our story carefully and thoughtfully. She created a more beautiful and symbolic wedding band than I had ever imagined and created a gorgeous diamond and sapphire eternity ring to match it from a brooch that was never worn and for a person who had never worn of a diamond ring. These rings bring me joy to wear for their beauty and a feeling gratitude for Sonja and her huge talent.


~ Terrie ~


I’m probably like most men when it comes to buying jewelry; unless she spells out exactly what I need to get, I will probably get it wrong. However, my experience purchasing from Sonja was different than my past adventures. I knew I wanted to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend and I was impressed with what I had seen Sonja create from examples on her web site. I knew I wanted something that was unique but also something I had some contribution towards. I contacted SPC over the phone and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was put in touch with Sonja directly within minutes to discuss my ideas. I was told that the entire purchasing process could be done remotely, which was very convenient for me as my work schedule often limits my availability in day-time hours as well as travel opportunities. Over the next few weeks Sonja and I had countless emails and phone calls ironing out details to match both my naïve ideas and her artistic expertise. She was even able to send me a prototype ring while I was away on a road-trip so I could have a tangible idea of our discussions. Finally, when we had decided on the finishing details, she was able to create the ring and ship it to me securely, all while meeting a short deadline that I had imposed. SPC completely fulfilled all of my hopes and expectations and my girlfriend (now fiancée) is thrilled with the beautiful ring. I would recommend SPC to anyone else who is looking for attractive, unique jewelry with a personal touch that is a little harder to find these days.”

~ Trevor ~ 

Hi Sonja,

Thank You very much for the rings and the key, I love all of them, especially the big diamond ring, GORGEOUS!  Beautiful pieces I will treasure

~ Miu ~

I have to say I never tire of admiring your absolute work of art sitting on my finger. I am so blessed to have met you and thank you so much. Your work gives people a inner peace which we all need so desperately. God bless you Anne C

I’m speechless about the beautiful piece of recycle your love. I Stared at them, put them away, stared at them, put them away….. sleep eluded me the whole night!

You my dear Sonja are a very very special soul of love and light.

~ Lolly B ~

I feel very lucky to have taken part of Sonja’s Recycle Your Love program.  I had a couple of pieces of jewelry left to me by my mother that had sentimental value but were not my personal aesthetic.  Sonja took them and through her magical alchemy created pieces that I love and wear regularly.  Not only are they exquisitely shiny baubles, they hold the gravity of something deeper, something sacred.  

Thanks Sonja!

~ Lisa O ~

My mother passed out of this life and into the next three and a half years ago. I kept her wedding ring, something that she cherished.  I remember as a child looking deeply into the diamond, catching rainbows in the light.  It was a mysterious thing of beauty, just like my mom’s kind and generous spirit.  I tried to wear the ring a few times over the past few years, but its shape and design were awkward on my hand.  I began to visualize a lotus bloom as a beautiful symbol of my mom’s spirit remaining close to me, an expression of motherly love that continues forever.  When I saw Sonja Picard’s lotus design, I knew it would be perfect to make my mother’s ring my own.  It would be a part of myself I would be proud to pass on to my daughter Eva someday.  Along with the wedding ring, I brought her a small handful of gold odds and ends and Sonja turned it into an elegant treasure.

~ Barb ~

Oh Sonja!! I don’t even know where to begin with you and your work…Thank you for the most thoughtful and stunning pieces. The necklace is outstanding and the meaning behind it fits where I’m at so perfectly.

The bracelet has set me on a new path as well…setting intentions with purpose and love…and to be reminded with such beauty. I just love your work. I could go on and on…

And my mamas ring is out of this world. She is over the moon thrilled and absolutely loves you. Honestly…she feels differently wearing it…it’s done a lot more than decorated her finger I can tell you that.

Thank you for making something special for baby Aubrey too. It means the world to us. Sending you so much love and gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you. Xoxoxoxoxoxo

~ Chelsea ~


I wanted to share with you how often I glance down at my finger in admiration of the piece of art I’m wearing. I just love when form and function ( a symbol of our union) come together beautifully. Thank you for your care and attention to our uniqueness as a couple.


~ Christina ~


thanks a million!  The rings are beyond gorgeous. They look like they are dancing the way they are clustered and I love that since dance is important to me!  I danced ballet for many years so did my sister and my brother married a ballerina!  

I will be in touch soon about the other pieces.   I definitely think you will be seeing me quite a bit in the future 🙂  

In deep appreciation

~ Fawzia ~