"A mala is an instrument to measure moments of beauty, peace and spiritual connection."


A mala is an intentional meditation tool, made from 27, 54 or 108 beads or elements, a sacred number in reference to many spiritual disciplines. It is a continuous circular form that offers a sense of beginning, continuing and completion. It is said that after chanting a mantra (mind tool) or repeating an affirmation 108 times we are cellularly lifted to a higher vibration of consciousness and our nervous system becomes more calm and peaceful. Within the state of meditative concentration, where mind, body and heart are in unity with a mantra or affirmation, our present being can elevate its voice to manifest in the universe.



The Golden Mala






These ethereal golden Malas are one of the most potent energetic pieces Sonja creates. In your one hour consultation, Sonja will create and formulate a ritual and meditation, for you to activate on a new or full moon to awaken the dialogue of your inner consciousness and voice.  The results of your meditation will then be formulated using her expertise and inherited knowledge on gem therapy, ancient ritual with adornment, tarot, symbology, mantras and word construction to create powerful affirmations into your sacred mala. Each mala starts with "I AM" to announce the affirmative present state of your being - it vibrates and awakens our actions towards our pursuit and future self. The Guru bead is chosen as ‘the ally’, the symbol that is our teacher. 54 letters, symbols and gemstones are skillfully chosen and handcrafted to create an unbroken continuous strand that vibrates to your body. The letters and symbols lay secretly upon the wearer’s body to resound its sacred message. Each personal mala vibrates to the wearer to elevate chakras, support ones well-being and symbolically align with ones dreams, intentions, and life purpose.


Upon completion, Sonja will guide you in the activation of your new mala to use as a powerful daily ritual of adornment that has been practiced for thousands of years. This omnipotent and beautiful golden mala, becomes your very personal jeweled elixir to elevate your career, relationship, health and life vision. Your piece will feel like a part of you, a warm golden hug, each day its worn and the words of your mala are chanted or spoken, the more powerful it becomes with time.

 "Jewelry is more than a decoration, it is an extension of our inner affirmations that inspires us to create our own personal roadmap towards self discovery. A symbolic and secret language we choose to wear to witness our life that elevates our well being, express who we are and empower us towards our future."


~Here is what clients say about their mala’s~


"We connected initially via Zoom and I shared my story – I felt an immediate connection and deep comfort and care as I shared what had been a difficult year. Sonja took the stories of my family history and used gold from my mum, paternal grandmothers, Aunts, Great Aunts and some of my own. She listened compassionately as I told her how each of my ancestors deeply touched my soul and are present in my day-to-day life. Upon a new Moon – new beginnings, Sonja asked that I meditate and use my breath to create a flow of energy between my heart and mind – I imagined a flow of golden light, like the milky way…as that energy flowed and my breathing slowed, my mind calmed – from there started ‘I AM’ and with each breath words flowed thru my mind. Some were accompanied with images and memories of people and places, it was other worldly and so peaceful. After giving gratitude I wrote out everything that had transpired and sent everything to Sonja. I strongly felt I wanted Ganesh to be a part of my Mala."


"I can not express how wonderful the experience of working with Sonja was. Her intuition and attention to my spoken and unspoken thoughts and feelings, her care and compassion for the heart stories that form the alchemy of her creations are priceless."


"Every day when I put on my Mala and it flows thru my fingers and then warms with the temperature of my body I feel the love of those it carries within it. I feel comfort and connectedness to myself and my family and that was brought to life by Sonja’s skill and her intuitive heart." ~LGJ~


"About 8 years ago when I was visiting Sonja in her store on Main Street and making a purchase of another beautiful piece of jewellery, she spoke to me about a gold mala that she had just made for a client.  This mala was all gold with 54 beads with the Sanskrit alphabet carved into the back of each bead. I knew right then that I had to have this mala one day."


 "I waited, dreamt, and manifested about this mala for years, not knowing how I would acquire it but that I would.  Fast forward to 2021 when I came to inherit a substantial amount of gold from my mother after her passing." 


"Upon receiving my dream Mala, I cannot describe the energy and power that this piece holds.  The shift and lightness of the gold was immediate and noticeable, I felt so blessed with Sonja’s knowledge to shift the energy by chanting healing mantras while she created each piece for the mala to shift the heavy negative energy and pain of this family gold.  Now it is transformed into a powerful piece of jewellery and ritual tool for my daily spiritual practice.  I have not taken my mala off since the day I have received it.  It is a truly sensuous piece that is so beautiful, powerful, and grounding.  I treasure this mala and I am so grateful for Sonja, her amazing talent, and her special gift to take these pieces of jewellery that held rather sad or acrimonious memories, transmuting them into a spectacular, spiritual piece.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you Sonja." ~MM~




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